Surge protection devices Ex9UE1

The Ex9UE1 35 line is a group of Class I Surge Protective Devices. They are intended as a protection against direct hit of lightning strokes of high intensities or in installation with often occurrence of lightning strokes. In standard three phase TN-C grid, they provides protection over LPL I requirements given in EN 62305 with total lightning current introduced into electrical installation over 100 kA and total lightning stroke current 210 or 280 kA based on physical configuration and mutual position of grounding point of lightning rod, grounding point of the electrical installation and place of SPD installation.

The design of Ex9UE1 35 is fully based on Spark Gap solution. It brings very high capability and life time and full insulation in case of no overvoltage is present. Thus, these SPDs can be used also upstream to energy meters and can be intended for IT grids (with respective special tests).

The high value of Iimp makes these SPDs suitable also for single phase outlets which are wired out of LPZ 0-1 and thus can be hit with direct lightning stroke. Due to the single phase cable, the total lightning current is split to 3 conductors only and intensity per conductor is thus higher than in the case of ingoing three phase cable.

  • Type 1 (Class I, T1, B)
  • Tested according to EN 61643-11
  • Maximum impulse current Iimp 35 kA (10/350 μs) per phase
    and 100 kA for NPE module
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385 V for phase device
  • Versions with 1+0, 2+0, 3+0, 4+0, 1+1, 3+1
    and 0+1 (N-PE) connection