Wall-mounted EV chargers Ex9EV (New)

Ex9EV is a wall-mounted charger for electric vehicles (EVs) with intentions to be used in a household. Our solution is equipped with B type Residual Current Circuit Breaker, which is a necessary protection of EV chargers. The battery of EV is working on DC principe and it can occur a DC current leakage. The internal B type RCCB is able to detect leakages in DC, AC and pulsating current in a high frequency.

We are offering chargers with charging current up to 32 A in 1 or 3 phase connection. Connection cable with lenght of 5 m with one of two most common plugs (Type 1 or Type 2) is a part of delivery.

  • Tested according to IEC/EN 61851
  • Installation directly on wall
  • 1phase or 3phase versions
  • Charging current up to 32 A
  • Plug type 1 (5 pins) or type 2 (7 pins)
  • Including RCCB B type
  • Degree of protection IP44